8 Tips for Making Your Home a Place to Gather – Pt. 1 – The Kitchen

We all have a friend who is the ultimate host. You can’t put your finger on what it is that makes them so good, but whenever you’re in their home, you feel welcome, cozy, cared for, and they don’t even appear to break a sweat. At Del Gavio Group, we know that the real trick is it's actually the HOME itself.  

If your home is warm and inviting, hosting gatherings comes easy. And better yet, you’ll love being there. Quietly reading a good book, watching Food Network, and bingeing your comfort show for the millionth time are all made better when your space feels right.


This is not a room we usually associate with coziness or warmth, but we should! For many families, the kitchen ends up being the true heart of the home.


If you want to spruce up your existing space, add wood elements to your kitchen with furniture and accessories

  • Island stools or wood chairs around your kitchen table which have the added benefit of providing seating for your gatherings. You can even prop an extra stool or chair in the corner that guests can pull over to join the chef while they cook.
  • A more subtle wood element can be provided by an oversized organic cutting board or even a layered stack propped up against the backsplash. They come in so many unique and interesting shapes and types of wood, that your options are limitless.

Gather your favorite wood cooking utensils to display and keep your plastic and metal utensils organized in your drawers.

You can keep a large wooden bowl on your counter full of fresh fruit.


Color is another great way to make a kitchen warm and inviting, the color of a room can set the tone and affect your mood. Colors like yellow, orange, and red can make you feel energized where blue and green may be soothing. For some, a creamy white space brings peace and relaxation. How do you want to feel in your kitchen?

  • When designing a new kitchen you can add color in many ways.

    • The vastness of tile options is incredible. They come from all over the world and can be solid, patterned and even textured. You can tile your backsplash between the counter and upper cabinets, counter to ceiling, and anything in between with a colorful tile you love, or mix 2 different coordinating tiles for a truly unique backsplash.
  • Do not be scared of painted cabinets! You can start simple, with just the island in a fun color like navy, olive or terracotta. These pops can make your kitchen feel special and inviting without overwhelming. They also are a breeze to clean.
  • Most kitchens have very little visible drywall, so why not paint the walls a color you love or go with a really special wallpaper. Those are easy to change as your personal style evolves.
  • Make sure you spend time really planning your use of color and incorporating calming, neutral elements. If every item in your kitchen is a “pop of color”, they stop being pops and can make the space feel cluttered. When choosing colors for your home, lay out the paint samples together or swatch a wall in every room and do a walk through before you commit. You want to make sure the rooms speak to each other and create a composed palette.
  • When working in your existing space, smaller accents can also provide warmth through color.

    • Linens are easy to switch out seasonally or as your preferences change. Even high quality linens can be found at reasonable prices, just look for natural fabrics like cotton and linen.
    • Accessories like vases, bowls, and sculptural pieces can be placed on your open shelves and countertop to show your personal style. The best accessory collections are curated over time.
  • Colorful art is a wonderful way to make a neutral kitchen inviting. They can be as simple as family photos taken at your favorite park or a one-of-kind masterpiece by a local artist. Keep the space tied together with a common element, like matching frames or a unified color palette.