8 Tips for Making Your Home a Place to Gather – Pt. 3 The Bedroom

Who doesn’t want to love being in their bedroom? While it’s not typically a huge gathering space, you want an inviting space to recharge. 

  • If you are designing a bedroom, there are many ways to customize it during construction.

    • Choose a soothing paint color to promote peace and relaxation. We tend to avoid paint accent walls, we LOVE a wallpaper moment, from the whole room to a feature wall, or perhaps just the ceiling in wallpaper and use paint to pull out and complement a color in your chosen paper. Clear your mind of the yellowing wallpaper stamped with little rosebuds like your grandma’s house. We’re talking about wallpaper with large-scale botanicals, eye-catching geometrics, or a subtle and timeless texture. Tone-on-tone wallpaper is a chic and sophisticated way to make a space special while keeping it calming.
    • Get creative with millwork.

      • Using a natural wood paneling is another type of accent wall we love.
      • With high ceilings, consider coffering to draw your eyes up and make the space feel warm.
      • We will always love wainscotting and wall trim details for an elegant bedroom that you will never want to leave.
      • Pro tip: Many primary bedrooms share a wall with the primary bathroom and to accommodate plumbing, that wall is often much thicker than a standard wall. Ask your contractor if there is space in your bedroom for sunken shelves or a cozy built in bookshelf. Added storage meets interesting architecture.
  • You can make your existing bedroom inviting by adding a few creative elements too.

    • You can make a headboard from any treasure like an amazing architectural piece from an 18 century Italian villa, a carved wooden panel from Thailand, or reupholster an existing headboard for a new fresh look!
    • Add a bench or poofs to the foot of the bed to drop clothing or sit while putting on your shoes.
    • Don’t forget bedroom lighting. We suggest that all of the lights in your bedroom are dimmable so you can create any type of mood you want.
    • Drapery softens the space and can be made with a unique fabric you truly love or subtle with sheers or textured linens.
    • Luxurious bedding is essential for comfort and coziness in your room. It’s okay to splurge on bedding and treat yourself to the best; we spend ⅓ of our life in bed, so you should make it your haven.
    • We’ll say it again because it bears repeating, pillows, pillows, pillows! Choose the best and most comfortable pillows for your bed. You can pile on decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes, but whatever you do, make sure your sleeping pillows are perfect for lulling you into a restful and dreamy night.