I loved working with Pat, and her team at Del Gavio Group. I appreciated all of the knowledge and experience with the world of design, function, and of course beauty. I told Pat my thoughts, but I also encouraged her to give me an often needed reality check. Sometimes I have good ideas, but I can assure you Pat’s were better! Pat is very connected to her vendors, all of whom go out of their way to make it right for Pat and her clients. We worked with Pat during Covid, and she was skilled in terms of making our deliveries happen, and making sure our contractors were on target. Mark George at Del Gavio Group is amazing as well. He is so organized with the ordering, billing and always reachable by phone or email. He was so helpful keeping me posted on delivery dates, and times, and making sure that everything on the task list was happening.

We took our home down to the studs, and we have now been living here for 13 months, we couldn’t be more pleased and happy. Our “little nest” is so pretty, warm, cozy and very functional, it meets all of our needs. Thank you for all of your efforts to make our “new” home a dream!

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