Creative Tech Startup

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, this project epitomizes the contemporary blend of aesthetics and efficiency.

From inception to completion, we managed the entire spectrum, collaborating closely with construction units on both the design elements and the furnishings, including unique seating areas, work stations, and welcome desk. Our design not only mirrors the client's upscale brand image but also incorporates cutting-edge facilities and technologies, creating a workspace that is both inspiring and highly practical.

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This Silicon Valley location encompassed the modern work-eat-live lifestyle.

In this A-Z project, we oversaw every step of the process from coordinating with construction teams for design and furnishing. Not only did we design a space that well-represented the client’s premium brand identity, but we also provided modern amenities and technology to ensure the work environment is as functional as it is beautiful.

This comprehensive home build was completely customized from the ground up. From beginning plans to client move-in, every detail was executed to facilitate the owner’s vision for her dream home.

We were passionately involved in every step of the process from the initial planning, to overseeing the construction and architectural team, to selecting interior finishes, hardwood and tile, space planning arrangement, and finally designing and furnishing the open concept home.

In this modern home, we worked to design and furnish an interior experience that reflected the colorful owners’ personalities, while enhancing the natural beauty of this modern home.

After helping the owners clarify their design aesthetic, we got to work. We created custom products to furnish and style every room. From artwork, furniture, media centers, and beyond, we guided these clients to realize the vision for their dream home.


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