Creative Jungle

Situated on two stories of a modern multi story building, this spacious office epitomizes a contemporary blend of aesthetics and shows the unique individuality of the company’s corporate culture. From inception to completion, we managed the entire spectrum, collaborating closely with construction teams designing the overall jungle-like theme the client wished to create. The space featured creative elements and furnishings, including unique collaboration areas, workstations, and custom furniture made by our favorite local carpenters. Our design incorporates cutting-edge material and technologies, creating a workspace that is both inspiring and highly practical.

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This London high rise was one of our favorites overseas. We worked closely with the local architectural designer and real estate consultant as a project manager and owners representative to help create a chic and functional workspace. Every corner of the space is bursting with unique design elements and timeless bespoke furnishings and completes the connection to corporate.

A compilation of commercial projects ranging in style and size

The clients needed a space that could transition easily from private meeting rooms to individual offices to collaborative spaces. We provided them with a floor plan and furniture that was stylish and multi-use. Each space was outfitted with easy-to-use technology to highlight their portfolio and make presenting a breeze. We polished the finished space with plenty of large and vibrant art and really unique light fixtures.


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