Create a Professional Space that Reflects the Quality of Work You Bring to Your Clients


Looking for an open environment with collaborative spaces, cubicle workstations, or private offices, need some flexibility and adjustability?

Our interior team at Del Gavio Group can plan, design, and furnish the perfect office space for you. Contemporary, traditional or unique. Del Gavio Group selects and provides custom finishes and furnishings for the most beautiful and functional workplaces.

We provide space planning, CAD design, contractor, architect, site manager communication, and oversee and manage the project or move.

Our package can include workstations, ergonomic seating, office furniture, carpet, hard flooring, wall coverings, paint, acoustical consulting, window coverings, technology solutions, storage solutions, plumbing fixtures, accessories, and so much more.

We also work with architects and contractors to determine layout and space use for the entire property, whether it is a new building, renovation, expansion, or move. We plan and execute conference rooms, lounge areas, lobby/reception, kitchen and break rooms, restrooms, collaborative spaces, group work areas, private offices, smart rooms, and any other space your company requires.

We’d be honored to help you create a corporate identity that seamlessly represents your business!


You are planning to open a new office and build out the space to suit your corporate culture.

You would like a design team that can oversee the design and furnishing at multiple locations to offer their expertise and products.

You want your physical location to represent your professionalism and expertise and would like a full remodel to update the style of your business environment..

It's time to replace your furniture, add the perfect desks, conference tables and chairs.

You need to modernize your work environment to be more functional and adjustable to address the changing times in the workplace with presentations and interactive meetings.

We love bringing together function and design to create a unique, ergonomically designed environment that will help improve your productivity. Working with one of our qualified manufacturers we can create an environment to improve overall health and productivity.

Let’s create a corporate identity that represents you!