2024 Trends Au Naturel

In 2024, we are taking it back to nature. After many years of sharp lines and structured spaces, we are seeing a resurgence of timeless designs that have been updated to suit the modern lifestyle. Warmer tones and natural materials are back, and we’re happy to say, they are here to stay. People have had enough of floor to ceiling gray and want to feel more connected to the outside and here is how:

Wood in the buff 

We are remembering and appreciating the beauty of natural wood again. The grain and color of wood is so unique to every species and individual plank, we think it’s time to let it shine. Using natural wood cabinets in a kitchen over a painted cabinet will instantly create a warm feeling. Light wood floors make a space feel bright and cheery. This year, we’re putting an end to monochromatic painted woods in favor of using the woods' natural tone.

Tone-on-tone layers

We’re doubling up rugs, piling on pillows, and focusing on texture. Try mixing a braided jute rug and a soft textural grasscloth wallcovering. Instead of mixing colors, we’re mixing textures and shades adding natural, subtle, and interesting elements to a space.

Stone is warm

This year we are really emphasizing the miracle of veining in natural stones. Stone is a gift from the earth, and we’ve decided to show our thanks by letting it shine. We’re loving stone backsplashes, shower walls, fireplace cladding and so much more. Elegant style on a modest budget? We’ve been impressed by some very swoon-worthy quartz slabs lately.

Terracotta everything

It started with Zellige tiles and there is no stopping it now. What could be more natural and beautiful than pieces made from clay? Turns out, nothing. You can accessorize with pots and vases, tile with Morocco’s finest, try your hand at DIY, and even be inspired by its colors. We’re here for all of it.

Mineral walls

You did, indeed, read that correctly. We’re smearing our walls with venetian plaster, limewashing, stuccoing, and loving good old fashioned plaster inside and out. Basically, if it’s a mix of any kind of sand, water, bond, and pigment, which adds depth and an organic texture to any space. We’re feeling the natural vibes and voting yes!

Decorate with landscape

There is no need to spend bundles at the florist when you can go for a walk and collect fallen twigs. Using a mix of different height and shape branches in your favorite vessel brings the outside inside in the best possible way.

 (PSA: A bundle of sticks does not a birthday bouquet make!)