• We will be moving Phase I on June 26th, Friday. We would like to help you as much as possible to have a smooth transition. If you are vacationing, please be sure that you are packed before you leave.
  • Please plan to pack and number your entire area for the movers, before leaving for the day. Each box should have your move number only. The movers will arrive at 3:00 p.m. to begin loading & teardown. Each person is responsible for packing all office items into the boxes provided and to label (please do not write on boxes) each box with their designated #.
  • Each office/person is assigned a #. Please label boxes with that number. (Example: 201, 216, etc.) It is advisable to # and Letter your box to enable you to find your priority items on Monday. 203 A, B.
  • Computers will be taken down at 5 p.m. Each person is responsible for labeling their computer components. Please also band all cords so that the computer equipment is more safely moved. We will supply (1) large baggie for each person’s components. Please label keyboard, mouse, etc. This must be finished before 5 p.m. on June 26th, Phase I.
  • Do not pack up telephones. Please label them with your number on a move tag. They will be placed in mover’s boxes in the lobby to be picked up and taken to the new suite.
  • Only the top 3 drawers of each 5-drawer metal lateral file must be emptied, please label boxes accordingly as well as each drawer’s contents. Wood 5-drawer lateral must be empty for moving. (Example: Room 215, Item 1, Drawer A for the top lateral drawer) All pieces are numbered separately.
  • Please do not pack any fragile or sentimental items, please bring them home and return them after the move. Bring home all laptops.
  • Do not over pack boxes, every box will need to close so they are stackable. If you over pack your boxes the items could be damaged.
  • Pack all desk items such as letter trays, note paper holders, pencil holders, paperclip holders & desk calendars. Place loose items from drawers in an envelope and seal. (Example: paperclips, pens, pencils, tacks, stapes, etc.) Desks are turned on end to move.
  • Please locate any keys & tape them to desk top with blue tape provided. They can become locked during moving and some are going to another person.
Please begin to prepare for move on a daily basis by thinning out and organizing. We would prefer not to move unnecessary items or paper. Trash and recycling bins will be provided to facilitate thinning out